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Does anyone else do a final weigh like this?
No. The variance in individual case weights and bullet weights make it pretty much meaningless. Put your faith in your procedural checks.
Yes I have with a variation: I weighed the bullets, I weighed the cases and I weighed the powder and primer. I added up the total weight of the components and then started loading. When finished any variation in the weight had to do with the amount of powder.

I understand how confusing most are but when finished there was a spread of 17 grains out of 250 30/06 rounds loaded on a RL550 B.

The advantage to knowing the weight of the components for the QC reloader can be realized when the reloader is is loading 5 different cases with different head stamps from different manufacturers. All of the lightest rounds were loaded with Winchester cases.

Something else that would confuse most reloaders; I sorted the loaded rounds by weigh into separate boxes. The variation of weight was caused by the differences in the weight of the cases.

And then one day I was standing next to a another reloader at the firing range; he could not pull his trigger, he could not rotate his cylinder, he could not pull the hammer back and he could not swing his cylinder out, meaning he had his pistol Model 66 S&W 357 Magnum locked up.

Two of us reloaders stopped what we were doing to help him. We drove the bullet out of the forcing cone and back into the case. As soon as we handed his pistol back to him he started loading 6 more rounds. We stopped him in an effort to get him to think. If he loaded a round with no powder how does he know the next round loaded des not have too much powder. We offered him all the ammo he could shoot, we offered to help him with his reloading, we offered to loan and or give him equipment etc. All we managed to do was make him mad; He left.

I could not convince him the last opportunity he had to test his ammo was just before he chambered it.

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