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Brugger & Thomet APC9 now taking Glock mags? - Discuss!

So, I am a huge fan of the APC9. I've shot one a long time ago. Now, it seems like I will actually have to carry one.
New job requires flying around in Africa and every gram and cm are accounted for. Obvious first consideration was a light AR15 but I've been made aware by the security consultant that I very much want to be able to hide guns in a small inconspicuous bag and that's why I am going with the APC9 (seems to me like the most gun I can get in that size).

Anyway, I am already issued a G19 by the company (which I think is undergunned for pretty much any situation I might encounter) so I thought it'd be great to be able to carry an extra gun (the pilot is unarmed due to company policy but I imagine if SHTF he'd rather deal with HR instead of the earthworms).

However, the APC9 uses proprietary magazines.
My first thought was "why the hell design a brand new 9mm that DOESN'T take Glock mags?"
After I cooled down a bit, I figured I might as well give the Swiss some credit for knowing what they do perhaps a little better than me.

And just when I made peace with that notion and decided to keep the Glock back home (and just carry the APC9 + 20 round mag + 2x30 round mags), I learn about an upcoming B&T development to support Glock mags via a swap of the lower.

Now, I am thinking I'll take the Glock as well and 4x20 round mags for a slightly heavier but more scalable personal defence solution.

At this point, I should mention that cost is not an issue.

So, do you reckon the APC9-G (the one that takes G mags) is going to suffer a reliability reduction due to switching from proper machine gun mag to a pistol mag?
I will be given an automatic one but I am going to base my training around single shot because I can only take about 80 rounds on me. So, very little plan to shoot in full auto.
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