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Originally Posted by Theohazard View Post
I figured you’re an FFL since you’re a gunsmith, but I was wondering if you were also an SOT since you said you used your LLC to get the silencer without fingerprints or photos. I though maybe you meant you used your FFL/SOT to get it. I figured it was either that or that you might be unaware of the 41F changes that took effect in July of 2016. Considering it’s a common misconception that trusts and LLCs still don’t require fingerprints and photos, I thought I’d ask. Thanks for clarifying.

Anyway, that’s a really cool setup. Are you planning on offering Mk series mods like that to order or was that a one-off project?
No, this was a couple of years before those changes took place. I was aware that there were some moves in process to eliminate the LEO sign off, but was not aware of the finger printing and photo requirement change. That change is a bit confusing because I do not actually own the suppressor, the LLC does, and the business doesn't have fingerprints, and it would be interesting to see how the photo requirement works.
The reason why we went with an LLC is so that others listed as business partners can disperse paperwork required inventory, such as the suppressor, after my passing rather than get tied up with a bunch of paperwork.
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