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Originally Posted by SGW Gunsmith
Doing gun repair and keeping a customers firearm for more that 24 hours, you must have an FFL, and, log it into a bound book for dispersal. That's the LAW!
I figured you’re an FFL since you’re a gunsmith, but I was wondering if you were also an SOT since you said you used your LLC to get the silencer without fingerprints or photos. I though maybe you meant you used your FFL/SOT to get it. I figured it was either that or that you might be unaware of the 41F changes that took effect in July of 2016. Considering it’s a common misconception that trusts and LLCs still don’t require fingerprints and photos, I thought I’d ask. Thanks for clarifying.

Anyway, that’s a really cool setup. Are you planning on offering Mk series mods like that to order or was that a one-off project?
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