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Remington authorized repair center

Good day, all ye excellent members of this forum.

Years ago, after my 870P failed after a measly 50 rounds, I took it to a local repair shop, the now thankfully deceased Gander Mountain. The ejector spring had come loose. The repair shop re-peened the existing rivet, while taking little care to protect the polished blue finish. I can live with the damage to the finish (fairly minor however noticeable,) but am concerned about the quality of the repair as I learn more about this shotgun. I would assume that the existing rivet was re-cut and not replaced. Do any of you have good recommendations with authorized repair centers (e.g. Ahlman's?) that could inspect the quality of repair, so that I can sleep easier that the ejector spring will hold? And if a new ejector spring rivet is required, that the repair center would do a good refinish job after installation of said rivet?

I thank in advance everyone who offers their recommendation, experience and advice.
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