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Here's what I did. I was looking for a shotgun to keep on the boat at the time. I looked at the Mossberg Mariner, Winchester 1300 Marine and Remington 870 nickel.

The Mossberg was 1/2 the price of the 870 and the 1300 was not all stainless so I decided to pass on the 1300. However, the 1300 had a site like the one in my pictures. So I told the salesman that I wanted a Mossberg with the same sight that was on the 1300.

It lights up outdoors in the light and you can see it really well. But, I do not use the bead sight anymore. Whatever I got adheres to the barrel and it has been there for 18 years. I have to admit I really like the way it lights up. With this you will not need the bead sight. Look how it lights up in my house, even brighter outside.

The 6 gun was once as common as the cellphone is today, and just as annoying when it went off in the theater.

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