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"...bought it at Wal-Mart still in box..." That's says it all. You take it back to Wally World, not Mossberg, first. Then, if they refuse to replace the thing, call Mossberg. Or fix it yourself. It's a 5-40 thread bead. Those are everywhere. You'll need a busted screw extractor. Or you can drill it out, if you have the right drill. Doable with a hand drill, but it's easier with a drill press.
"...clamp bbl in a vise..." Too easy to crush a shotgun barrel. Needs Vee blocks.
You need to quit buying firearms for your wife too. If she's the shooter, it has to fit her, not you.
"...learn to not worry about..." Yep. Target sits on top of the muzzle. Used an 870 for years with no sights.
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