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Huh, no one uses Leopold in the matches I go to either, but as soon as that MK VIII comes out that may change. I haven't seen one yet.

I don't shoot benchrest, so I don't know what they say, but I know lots of guys who shoot NRA High power who have been shooting Leopold for longer than I've been alive. I know it's also the choice of a lot of hunters who could afford anything they wanted.

I have Leopolds on several hunting rifles (non-turret) and they seem very high quality to me. I know nothing about their turret scopes. I have NF, Vortex, and Kahles on my comp rifles. That said, I am not a fan of FFP scopes for hunting at all. I much prefer a SFP scope with a normal sized reticle, because 95% of the time I'm on the lowest power with the highest field of view. FFP scopes get too small for me on the low power, and I find it really annoying. Of course, SFP almost doesn't work for 10 shots in 90 seconds from 300-1200 yards.
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