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Higher End Scope Options

Been thinking about picking up a higher end scope sometime.

Max magnification 10-15x... I am not doing 1000yd bench shooting, so I do not want really high magnification.

Reticle. Does not need a BDC, but having some MIl or MOA hash markings would be good. Something to make holdovers easy, and allow ranging and the like.

Price... $1000 + or - a few hundred.

Was eying the Leupold VX-6HD and the VX-5HD. Really liked the locking turrets, and the light weight. The VX-6HD had locking windage as well, plus some other nice features. Its at the top end of the price range, assuming a discount code at opticsplanet.

The higher end PST scopes from Vortex were nice, but the scopes were not as nice overall as the Leupold.

Any one have suggestions? Thanks
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