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I too added a bit of foam to one side of my slim ear muffs. I can hear a difference in ambient white noise from 1 side compared to the other. I had sliced thin pieces of harbor freight foam puzzle mat. What I don't know is how that foam behaves in the frequency that is most damaging and under high volume. Also if it weren't for the plugs I wear too I'd probably have replaced my muffs which are several years old. The limiter to their effectiveness is now the foam / gel donut that contacts around the ear. The foam has degraded and lost a lot of its elasticity. I wear glasses so there's a little gap and I feel more hard plastic. Wish there was a way to rejuvenate them, I could probably just cut big rings out of foam mat. Or better yet urethane mats. Then glue them on. Or just buy new muffs

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