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Orange foam and muffs over top. From a physics standpoint, a custom molded ear plug has a maximum volume (space wise) and it was molded to fit your ear canal. That would be fine if your ear canal was like the frame to slide fit on a finished 1911 where dimensions are stable. From the medical view: tissues stretch and swell or compress depending on your condition, the weather, your temperature, whatever have you. If you squeeze the thin skin above your shin bone for 1 minute and let go you will see an indentation unless you have thick skin or are overweight. The dimensions just changed because you displaced fluid. So my logic says something that will continually exert an outward force to seal against the ear canal no matter the minor variations will form a better seal than one requiring exact dimensions in a specific orientation, materials being roughly equivalent effectiveness.

Also, I wish ear muffs were designed by serious engineers, physicists, and docs. I know they can be better. Ever take apart one? It's just a hard plastic shell with a lot of empty space and maybe a circuit board for the fancier ones. Nothing to interrupt transmission of sound through vibration of the plastic, nothing inside. So much potential but practically speaking maybe plugs and muffs are enough. I don't mind being the one who yells when he talks
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