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Traveling to NJ

Originally Posted by FITASC View Post
Carry? Agree; bring to the state? A blanket NO guns is silly as folks come there all the time to shoot and hunt

That is what you are confusing...

NJ doesn't allow people to just drive around with firearms. You can take your firearms from your home to another property you own, to a range, to your personally owned business (must be a physical location, not something that moves or a job site), to a dealer, or hunting. Only reasonable deviations are allowed between those places... which there actually is no real definition in what such a deviation is.

If the OP had a NJ FID, then he is allowed to leave a long gun in his vehicle, and is exempt from the transportation restrictions. Handguns still follow the above restrictions, minus hunting (not allowed for hunting in NJ).

I was looking for a holster maker in NJ, being I had a CZ with a unique setup that I wanted a Kydex holster made for. Emailed about it to some local companies, and for the ones that were capable of doing the work, they could not accept my pistol to work off, being they did not fall into one of the places I listed above. Had to go to the Oaks gun show (PA) to have one made for me.

As stated, you are correct... people do hunt and shoot in NJ. However, the OP did not say he was doing that. Even if he did, the way the law is written, he is supposed to go back home after hunting/shooting at a range. There are aspects of NJ law that are very vague, like reasonable deviations, but parts that are very clear... like where you are allowed to take a firearm. There are clear locations described, and the FID does allow some leeway with long guns.

So no, the blanket statement about not bringing guns into NJ is not silly. Do your research for yourself, but for someone that is living in NJ, I think I'd have a better understanding of the law than someone that suggested to bring a pistol grip shotgun into NJ because people hunt... see how far that gets you without a hunting license, and likely having a firearm that isn't legal to hunt with (NJ has hunting firearm laws based on the season; quick example, deer season... it is illegal for you to have slugs on you if your shotgun doesn't have rifle sights or a scope).

OP... do yourself a favor and leave the guns at home. Having one isn't worth the headache if you are pulled over and arrested... even how small the chance is. I mean, would you take a firearm into New York City, after the SAFE Act? I definitely recommend to carry as much as possible, but do it legally.
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