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Traveling to NJ

Originally Posted by FITASC View Post
Based on what facts?

Read up on NJ 2C:39 and 2C:58...

While I feel his wording (post you quoted) was probably wrong, any person going into another state with a firearm should know the laws. Handguns are illegal for transportation, unless between certain points in NJ. If you don't have a NJ FID card, you have similar restrictions for long guns (with the FID, long guns can sit in your vehicle like anything else). Exceptions being LEOSA.

For ammunition, there is not one issue with any ammo... if you are committing a crime (carrying a firearm illegally), having hollow-points with it is an additional charge. But hollow-points or any ammunition is not illegal... by itself.

As the situation that was described by the OP, he did not say the home was his... so a handgun or long gun would be illegal in regards to transporting. If it was discovered, he likely would be arrested. People forget that a lot of things come from simple traffic stops... and I know that NJSP is doing a major ticket writing campaign between the 6/28 and 7/28, on the major highways across the state. It is very likely the OP will go on one of these roads during his trip.

Also, we don't know where he is staying... but unless it is something like Camden, Newark, or someplace similar, the likelihood of needing a gun is pretty low. Even in those areas, situational aware by itself is better than having a gun without it.

Now, if he brought a firearm into NJ, would he get caught? Probably not, but most people will not advocate something illegal... I sure as will won't. Doesn't matter what happens during his time in NJ, based on NJ criminal code, he does not have any legal reason to be in possession of any firearm. If you want to go through it and find something that I know isn't in there... go right ahead.

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