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b-27 to b-34 targets at 15 yards.

I am a licensed officer in my state. It is my understanding that the rules are changing, or have changed, with regard to the course of fire for qualifications.

The rumor is that we are now going to either the b-29 or b-34 targets instead of using the b-27. Even though the distance supposedly is being decreased from 25 to 15 yards for the qualifying shots, ( more for the b-29 ) hitting a target that size might be an issue for shotgun quals.

Nothing is written in stone yet, as my instructor is currently re certifying in shotgun as well as handgun, and I should know something next month from him, but, I need to practice.

What can I expect from a shotgun at that range into a b-34 target? Should I be thinking about some kind of flite control wad for getting the shot on paper at that range? Any training tips might be helpful as well.

And I thought I was something yesterday when I did the B-27 at 15 for about 30 rounds. It's what we always used before, so I didn't know any better.
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