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I'm 69 years old, mostly retired, live in a rural area with no next door neighbors and carry a 9mm Shield everywhere I go except when going to the hospital. I carry at home also, right up until bedtime. Other places that don't allow or restrict access to my sidearm, I avoid. I've never had to resort to showing my weapon but I am a good sized former Marine, still in good physical condition, and have an attitude that says I won't be trifled with. I am also careful about where I go and when as well as who I associate with.

Only you can answer whether or not you should carry. Are you willing to put in the time training to stay proficient in the use of your weapon of choice? Do you have the self-control to back away from an altercation if at all possible and only resort to using your weapon when you no longer have a choice? Are you willing to kill someone else to protect you and yours? All questions you have to ask.

What to carry? Pick the largest caliber you are comfortable with that comes in a handgun you are comfortable carrying and proficient shooting. Then at night while you are watching TV, practice taking it apart and reassembling it until you can do it without thinking. With it unloaded, practice drawing it from wherever you carry it from sitting position, standing, kneeling, down on the floor, whatever you can think of, until you know you will be able to get to it no matter what. Again, with it unloaded, practice sighting in on objects on the wall, on the tv, following your cat or dog as they move across the room, practice jumping your sights from one to the other. Work on your grip until it is automatic, you don't even have to think about it.

Now, you decide. Should you carry and what should you carry. Good luck!
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