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Originally Posted by Wyosmith
.... Making hits before an enemy does is what is important.

We all love to shoot groups to test our skills and to test ammo and guns, but in the real world of hunting or fighting it never happens. Even in those times when we fire more than one shot we are shooting for effect, not for groups.

Having seen many men shot with full-auto weapons, (many of those weapons being belt fed) I can tell you even they did not have a "group" on their bodies.
Exactly! I got into a "discussion" with someone on another forum because I wasn't shooting acceptable groups in his internet-expert opinion. He even went as far as to say something like "you'd never be wasting ammo like that on my fire-team." So, I posted the attached photo (I was simply finishing off a partially-load mag at 25 yds) and asked him to pick which 7.62x51 shot that he'd want a member of his team to receive from the enemy. He never did answer my question.
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