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Most of the scenarios were LE based so they weren't perfectly applicable to a strictly SD mindset.

I do practice a variation of point shooting at 7 yards and in. I've never had a problem point shooting at a stationary or advancing threat at that distance.

The problem was when the shooting started at greater distances (12-20 yards) and some sort of ambush. I would have rounds coming my way throughout the entire draw, and would be in such a rush to get shots off to stop the threat that I would negate getting any sort of sight picture and would just start firing. The threats were usually moving (evading) while shooting, so that just didn't cut it. I got lucky a few times and made hits anyway, but in a real shooting, I feel that the extra fraction of a second it would have taken to get the sights on target would have been well worth it to put myself in a position where I could make repeated hits to stop the threat. Having the gun run empty and realizing the threat was still present was a pretty terrible feeling.

Again, this was just part of my takeaway from the training.
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