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I'm a firm believer in "point shooting". Most SF shooting situations are under 3 yards (closer to 5-6 feet)

Its fairly easy to hit center mass of a man size target point shooting at that range.

Point shooting is just that. Pointing. I start out students without a gun, but pointing their finger. If you stare at a point at the center of the target, and then point you will naturally point at the spot you are staring at.

It is important to keep your forearm parallel to the ground when you point or you will be shooting high or low.

After they realize they are pointing where they look, let them try it with an empty gun. This also helps develop a habit of keeping the finger off the trigger.

They again go through several sessions of pointing their finger, this time with the finger laying under the cylinder of a revolver or along the slide of the pistol. POINTING at a spot they are staring at.

After a few sessions of this, they do the same thing, again with an empty gun but drawing.

When they move to loaded guns, the already have the habit of pointing with their finger off the trigger and pointing with that trigger finger where they are staring.

All this is done with ONE hand, but also done with right and left hands.

I would jam that gun toward the threat and crank off those first 5 rounds
SD shooting, again, at close range, handgun retention is something that needs to be considered. Keeping the gun close to the body helps with retention of the gun or keeping it from being knocked aside.

Nothing wrong with learning to shoot while backing up, but duct behinds some sort of cover for reloading.

Firing while moving back wards gives you distance from the target, retention isn't as much of a problem and you can now use both hands and move the gun up where you can use the sights.
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