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Thank you for sharing what you learned with your training.

Force on force training certainly adds a realism that square ranges with static targets can't. I too believe the training received from force on force scenario based time provides a much more efficient means to learn.

One major lesson it has taught me is situational awareness. Trying to constantly break myself of the tunnel vision I get when trying to avoid the pain of simunitions while simultaneously employing my weapon system effectively is much harder than punching holes in paper in an indoor range.

Video recordings, professional instructors, and after action reviews help continue learning what was done right or wrong.

I too have made the mistake of instinctive shooting, and subsequent missing when adrenaline is pumping and I am surprised or scared. I have read it is difficult, physically, to make use of sights at short distances in such scenarios. Our eyes focus on the threat, making it difficult to focus on other focal planes such as sights. It is certainly something that takes practice.

What was something you felt you did well?
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