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Simunitions review

I had the chance yesterday to participate in some simunitions training. I've trained in sims before, and it always provided a great opportunity to recognize and correct issues before they manifest themselves in a real gun fight. I just wanted to touch on two quick points.

1. Draw time.

I use Safariland ALS 6360 with the shield removed. I've used it for while and am pretty efficient in my draw time. That said, I realized that even the fastest draw time is just too slow when somebody is already shooting at you. Even though my muscle memory was good and I drew quickly and instinctually, I felt like I was waiting for hours for my body to finish the draw so that I could return fire as I moved backward toward cover.

2. Point shooting.

I've had this issue before, and have tried hard to mentally rehearse to try to correct the issue, however it popped its head up again in the first few training scenarios. Each magazine was loaded with 5 rounds. We had the one in the gun and one reload. Every time my shooting was purely reactionary to being shot at, I would jam that gun toward the threat and crank off those first 5 rounds and fast as I could pull the trigger. No sight alignment, no trigger control, just as fast as I could. And for the most part every shot missed. When the gun would run dry and the threat was still there, I would realize this and after reloading I would slow down and actually perform the necessary functions to hit the target.

Just food for thought. If you ever have the chance to participate in any sort of sims or force on force training, I would highly recommend it. I feel the few hours I spend doing sims is more valuable experience than days at the range shooting paper.
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