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Here is a type of drill I make for my students who are going to an advanced level. It is done with pistols, rifles and shotguns.
You can set up the course in half a day.

Set up a high line using poles or trees.
Hang a soft reactive target about 6" square or round on a wire cable, so it can be swung from the middle of the high line. Have someone sprint across the target area as fast as they can and time it. It's not necessary to be precise, but try to get a time within about 1 second. Now swing the target from a height so it covers the ground at about the same speed. The higher you start the swing the faster the target moves.

Have your students fire at the target as it is moving. One hit per point. No "groups" shot at all.
Try to hit it both swinging out and swinging in. Do it from different angles.
Shoot from different positions. Also different ranges. You can vary the speed of the target by starting the swing from different heights.

I have students use handguns and shotguns from 3 yards to 50 yards, and rifles from 5 yards to 300 yards.

If you get really good at this drill you'll also be able hit a lot of running rabbits when you go hunt for them. Deer on the run become pretty easy.

Someone that hits 75% or more on such a course is VERY good at the kind of shooting you will have to do in a fight.

It takes the average student about 1 year and a lot of rounds fired to get really good at this, but the time and ammo is worth it.

From the shooters prospective the targets are moving not only side to side, but also up or down depending on where in the arc you fire at them, and how close the trees or poles are together. When the poles are very close you can set the target 8 feet off the ground and have it come within 6" of the ground at the bottom of the arc. It makes for very good training.

I make a shelf to set the target on that is released by a pull cord so I can be safely away from the fired rounds.

For rifle shooting I get about 75 yards away from the pole and for handguns I am about 30 yards away. I use para-cord to pull the release to set the target in motion.
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