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Learned to shoot as a kid - then bird and big game hunting ( 50's & 60's ). Spent 12 yrs in military - had a little instruction.

About 20 yrs ago wanted to get better with my handguns - have skill to carry & shoot much better tactically - and started thru some professional courses ( mostly with "Insights firearms " trainers ).....and while i've taken most of classes I wanted - up thru advanced levels ...I think the single thing I understood the most -is to go back every 5 yrs even though I go to range 2 or 3 times a week & train --- and my buddies and I challenge each other once a week with a tactical course of fire, I recognize good professional instruction is really important to keep me at a high level as I've retired.

It's not a shortcoming -- so much as the recognition, I can't do it on my own 100%.

As i've gotten older - shoulder rebuilt, back surgery , arthritis , etc ----- instructors have helped me adapt a little to my physical realities ( went to a 1911 in 9mm vs .45acp recently ) improved my accuracy, split times & wear & tear on my hands....
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