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Early Shooting Training

Born in 1945, I grew up in Upstate New York in the 50's - 70's. My Dad and Grandfather taught me to shoot and instructed on firearm safety. By best friend in my early years also was taught by his Father and a Uncle. My Father did not hunt but I went hunting with my friend and his Father and Uncle.
Started shooting around 7 and at 8 a pellet rifle, at 10 a .22 rifle - at 12 a double 12 Ga - at 16 a 30-30 lever action and at 22 a M-16 from Uncle Sam.
Lifetime shooter - NRA Instructor and a New Mexico F&G instructor. I shoot everything pistol, rifle, shotgun & muzzleloaders. It has been quite the ride. It beats the hell out of sitting and playing video games all day.
Dan Bromley
NRA Instructor
NM Game & Fish Instructor
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