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So I originally was taught how to shoot by my Dad who grew up on a cattle ranch here in the southwest. When he was young he would shoot rabbits and squirrels for the stew pot and coyotes and other vermin that would pester the cattle. So he grew up being quite the practical marksman. He taught me everything he knew about shooting, as a result I too was quite the marksman. At a young age I would go out with Dad and his friends. Dad would pit me against his buddies and I would always out shoot Dad's buddies with ease.

With that said, he didn't know squat. I have had over 225 hours of prefesional instruction on shooting precision rifles, A little more time on carbines and probably 500 hours of formal training on handguns at this point in my life. So what can be learned by perfessional firearm instructors is invaluable and is leaps and bounds above what dad and granddad have to offer, not that their information is bad but typically way dated.
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