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"Tactical Reload" in this context at least, is reloading before you run dry, but specifically keeping the partial mag, correct?
I could be reading things wrong, but it seems like some people are referring to reloading before the mag runs dry in general, and others are referring to keeping the ejected mag.

So, for those of us that carry revolvers, would you have to try to poke the shells back into the speed strip, or could you just pocket them?

Silliness aside, if it's a requirement for IDPA, and people compete with revolvers, how does that work?
There's a club about an hour from me that has IDPA matches, but they require a sponsor to join, and I never seem to get around to driving down to their local gun shop and making friends.

As far as practical purposes go, while there are times I can see wanting to reload before my gun goes dry, I can't see needing to do it quickly. At least not within the context of self defense.
I'm not sure how much weight my opinion - as a largely self-trained, back-woods math teacher - brings to the discussion, but there it is none the less.
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