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It says nothing as to why a Tactical Reload is an important skill, or why and especially speedy one is a necessary skill.
How about if I find myself in a mall or movie theater mass shooting situation and I've exchanged shots and the bad guy(s) have moved on to easier targets. I may desire to quickly top off my pistol (and retain my partially depleted magazine) before I sprint to an exit in case I encounter a bad guy(s) enroute and have to continue the fight. (In this case I don't want to jettison my partially depleted magazine onto a hard floor where it could burst apart.) I don't have to think about what I'm doing when I perform a Tactical Reload - I just do it because it's as natural to me as as loading my pistol.

If you are at slide-lock, and are tapping/racking ... that seems off. You're concerned about practicing speedy Tactical Reloads (presumably with retention) ... but have not yet acquired the very basic skill of recognizing the feel of slide lock vs. the click or mush of a malfunction?
Will I be able to spontaneously diagnose that my trigger felt “mushy” instead of “click” or will I simply diagnose that my pistol didn’t fire when I pressed the trigger?

IS the slide locked open on an empty magazine (mushy trigger)?
IS there a feeding failure (mushy trigger)?
IS there a stovepipe (mushy trigger)?
IS there a doublefeed (mushy trigger)?

All I know is my pistol didn’t fire when I wanted it to and my first immediate action is tap/rack because it is one action that clears many problems. Tap/rack doesn’t take my attention away from the bad guy(s) – I just perform it automatically. If tap/rack fails to get the pistol running then I’m not preoccupied with "fixing" my pistol and my mind is free to deal with my number one problem – to immediately do what I might have to do to keep from being shot, stabbed, bludgeoned, etc., and I may have to defer my next immediate action (Combat Reload) until time and conditions permit. If, during my Combat Reload, I cannot insert the fresh magazine into the pistol then I immediately put the fresh magazine between the ring & pinky fingers of my firing hand, lock open the slide, rip the “depleted” magazine from the gun, cycle the action three times to clear the action, and then complete my Combat Reload.

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