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Take this for what it's worth. Just a story from a guy on the internet.

There was a burglary in progress. Husband was out, wife was home alone. Suspect came in through the back window. They leave a 3rd generation Smith and Wesson with a fully loaded magazine that doesn't have a round chambered. So, missy has gone to the range before...Range. Not getting legitimate training but she knows how the weapon functions.

She grabs the gun and heads to the back door, greets the man with a 9mm S&W to which he froze, she racks the slide, racks the slide, racks the slide, by now the guy has already ran. But she kept racking the slide and ejecting casings because she was so scared.

What does this have to do with anything? She wasn't trained, she was just a range bunny.

I hear you, but this similar thing happens to police officers very often with safeties and empty guns.
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