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Time and place.... If done properly

In the below quoted example from a prev post( im thinking military or maybe a contractor based principle recovery)

"Tactical reload can be useful in a combat scenario (nothing we will be in) eg you've fired 12 rounds a few minutes earlier, now you're going to breach the house he/they ran into. You'll want a full magazine, either planing on going through the entire mag laying down suppressive fire if dealing with a fatal funnel or just not having to reload 12 rounds earlier than needed in a close quarters situation."

I disagree with a tactical reload there. It would be "old one one in" as fast as possible and hit the door. Im not going to fiddle around attempting to switch and stow a partial mag

The way to do a tactical reload (IMHO) is to use your rearmost pouch. This leaves the front pouch (the go to for ammo pouch) with a full mag. Think your way thru the tac load so when it hit the fan your front pouch is a full mag.

Just my random thoughts
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