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Stating that you do it as a part of your training does not provide any logic as to why it is necessary to be especially proficient at tactical reloads.
A Tactical Reload is an integrated part of my weapon manipulation skills that are common between my handgun and AR - integrated manipulation skills that include loading, unloading, reloading and clearing stoppages - all of which use common processes and movements to minimize decision-making, increase efficiency and can be performed quickly.

Similarly, offering that's it's a skill, maintained as an option, doesn't really speak to those questions of necessity or priority.
It's an option I employ when I make a decision that I want to quickly restore my weapon to full battle-readiness status. The ONLY difference in time between a Tactical Reload and a Combat Reload is the fraction of a second it takes to manually remove the partially depleted magazine before inserting and seating the fresh magazine.

I would submit that in any case where a fast reload is necessary, worrying about the mag being ejected (and whether you damage it) is very low on the list of priorities. The price of a $35 magazine is insignificant in that context.
In any case where my weapon doesn't fire when I press the trigger I first perform tap/rack (because in the heat of battle I don't know if I've experienced a stoppage or an empty magazine and it's quicker to perform immediate actions than to diagnose the problem), then progress to a Combat Reload when time and conditions permit.
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