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Tortured logic?
I perform tactical reloads as part of my training. I'm proficient. It's a skill I maintain as an option to restore my pistol to its highest state of battle-readiness when time and conditions permit.
In fairness, you really didn't answer the challenge of "tortured logic". Stating that you do it as a part of your training does not provide any logic as to why it is necessary to be especially proficient at tactical reloads. Similarly, offering that's it's a skill, maintained as an option, doesn't really speak to those questions of necessity or priority.

If I'm going to reload, when time and conditions permit, then I don't want to drop a partially loaded magazine onto asphalt/concrete where it might break and become useless.
I would submit that in any case where a fast reload is necessary, worrying about the mag being ejected (and whether you damage it) is very low on the list of priorities. The price of a $35 magazine is insignificant in that context.

If time and conditions are such that you can safely worry about possibly damaging that magazine, then there isn't any necessity for speed in that case.
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