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Only time I do tact reloads is in IDPA match when it is required and it is not that hard to catch your mag while holding the replacement in your left hand as well. All other times I do a speed reload, by the time I hit the mag release with my right thumb, my left hand is already bring the replacement mag to the mag well, hit the slide release and your back in business, takes about 1 second to reload.

IDPA will only allow 10 rounds per mag, so you are forced to do a mag exchange during any one stage (16 rounds minimum into 8 targets) a stage will last anywhere from 11 to 25 seconds even with the mag exchange. Quite a few people do it without any problems at all.


I pick up my mags from the ground when it is all over, as do most people. In a tact reload you can not let the mag hit the ground and it goes right into my left coat pocket while I am still shooting. Both are really easy to do if you practice.
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