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Tactical reload can be useful in a combat scenario...
That's my conclusion too. I can't say for certain that it's not useful at all outside of a military/military style combat situation, but I can't come up with any reasonable scenario that doesn't fit that mold where a tactical reload can be justified without the use of tortured logic.
Others mentioning the tac reload for after the primary incident is over is a good idea, once you've assessed no immediate threat.
Justifying that requires that there is simultaneously no threat and that a threat exists.

If there's no threat then it doesn't matter how one reloads. If there is a threat then one needs to reload as rapidly as possible and dropping a partially loaded mag is of no consequence.

It's only when there is a threat and there is no threat simultaneously that it makes sense to keep the partially loaded mag (because of the threat) and take your time doing the reload (because there is no threat).
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