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In one of my past employments in England, after hours, I would meet quite a number of the elite groups who others, people I worked with knew. And knew their criminal backgrounds.

Big time house breakers. Dressed to kill, lean and mean. Never caused any trouble, family names were well known. Like Murphy, Kelly. Crime Family's from way back. These individuals were not worried about local Police, at all.

One incident comes to mind, the Country Gentry, in their Mansions in the North, Manchester way, were getting very expertly robbed when they were on holiday, etc.

A main highway, the M6, was being used by these Crime Bosses, driving hi powered Range Rovers, eluding the Police.

One night the Police used a rented Helicopter from Speak/John Lennon, Airport, followed the vehicles, grabbed a couple of big time hoods on an exit road.

It was reported in the local press.

Two nights later, the Helicopter was fire bombed! An hour later, using a stolen Land Rover, some one trashed the parked cars in one of the Manchester Police Station parking lots.

Things quieted down a lot, from all sides, after that.

The only things out of bounds. Children. You did not do well in Walton Prison after being in that group of criminals. The criminals were mostly family men.

When I was a Board member of IALEFI, I arrived at a Board meeting, with a kaki 511 vest on. One of the other Board members laughed, asked if I was going fishing! Was not long till he had one! In fact our apparel store started selling them!
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