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The Town, real criminals....

In the late 1990s, when many articles & topics were still printed , I read a interesting item in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin about a in depth DoJ study where they interviewed convicted felons about LE related topics.
In short, the convicts said they would avoid any LE officer or cop that looked sharp or prepared to handle themselves. If they had a pressed uniform, shined boots/footwear, custom grips or high tech duty gear, short haircut, etc.
They took these cues or signs to mean that the person may be ready to fight or resist. Crooks want a "easy lick" or someone they can size up & handle.
If you are wearing 5.11 pants or a tactical/concealment vest/shirt & some thug says; "I'll move on." then so be it.
The concept is brought up by Ben Affleck's character in the crime drama; The Town. His armed robber character says he avoids any "job" where he might have to cross a well trained or well armed guard.
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