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With that kind of time a three inch circle would be more of a challenge.

That is a very low standard IMO. Fundamentals are being destroyed not broken if one can't hit a 12 inch circle at 7 yards with that time between shots.

Personally I get better results from my students since having added an in depth explanation of just how important shooting fundamentals are. How a single deviation from proper fundamentals will result in a miss. I tell them that it is that big of a deal. Even for seasoned shooters a miss will result from improper attention to the details. Likewise a hit will result from proper attention to details.

My case in point was an 11 year old girl. Taking my class with her father. She never held a firearm before much less shot one. I did my usual speech about the importance of the fundamentals as mentioned above. This little girl was paying attention to those details. She put all her shots into a tiny cluster easily covered with a quarter many touching. Her father, lets just say not so much LOL. Hard headed men LOL.

Since making that slight change stressing the importance of the fundamentals my students shooting has improved dramatically.
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