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This should not be a difficult qualification for people that develop proper shooting habits including getting the sights on target and trigger control. Although I have not shot this competition, I did recently attend a four day handgun course at Front Sight where you are constantly shooting while being watched by not only the Cadre but by your fellow classmates.

Last week, some of the fellows in my Gun Club took NRA Regulation Pistol Targets and timed our shooting, not from being aimed, but from the ready position (both hands on the gun, gun pointed down at about a 45 degree angle and the safety engaged. Two of the three of us were able to get on target and get off eight shots, all being in the center ring within 6 seconds. Times varied with some being faster while others were slightly slower. Distance was varied from 5 meters to 7 meters. We even tried it at 15 meters. Not every round was dead on at that distance but the groupings were tight enough to be extremly acceptable

It doesn't happen overnight. We spent hours dry practicing, developing proper breathing, trigger control, accuracy and then speed and putting it all together.
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