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Posted by Tom Servo: One shot every three seconds, to get a 12" group at 21 feet, is a very forgiving minimum standard for any kind of pistol shooting. At that speed and distance, I'd say groups half that size would be questionable.
I have to agree.

It seems to me there are two things that one should learn.

One is proficiency in the basics--grip, sight picture, and trigger control. For that, one has to start shooting slowly, and group size is important. And that comes first.

For defensive pistol shooting, there is a need to hit moving targets very quickly. If an assailant can cover twenty one feet in two and a half seconds, and if stopping said assailant may require two or three shots, shooting one shot every three seconds would be of little use.

I took a high performance defensive pistol course a couple of years ago, and the objective was to score two hits on each of three torso sized targets, reload, and repeat the drill as quickly as possible.

The instructors could all do that--twelve hits including a reload--in just over four seconds.
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