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NRA Defensive Pistol Qualification

After running two of my classes through the NRA Defensive Pistol I Marksmanship Qualification program, I'm surprised at how much difficulty people have with making just the Pro-Marksman Rating on the first try. First class I did, only one person out of 10 made it in just four runs. Last night's class, out of 11 people, only two people made it. It's the 100% requirement that bites people in the butt.

Granted, some of these people are relatively new shooters but a number of them are fairly experienced shooters. In the first group, I had some people employed in the firearms industry as writers and shooting program coordinators and all had been through some pistol training. My impression was that the group all thought this would be a fairly easy task. Then they were surprised that it wasn't as easy as they expected.

The first rating, Pro-Marksman, of the program consists of 5 shots on an NRA D-1 target in 15 seconds at seven yards from an aimed start. All five rounds have to hit inside the 8 ring, which is twelve inches in diameter. You have to do it four times to achieve the Rating. The four times don't have to be consecutive but I think of the ability to make it on the first four tries as a good benchmark.

If anyone would care to try it, I'd really like to get an idea of how difficult, or easy, this is for a typical shooter to do on the first try. I.e., can you hit all five shots in the 8 ring on the first four tries?
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