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In the first place we view our dogs as part of our family, and very valuable members at that. That being said one has to remember they are in fact animals and not human beings.

A police dog is NOT treated as a human being if killed or threatened with deadly force. You will most certainly face charges if you kill a K9 dog, but you will not face murder charges, which would be the case if they were considered under the law to have the same protections as a human being.

It has been mentioned that if an aggressor were to kill your dog it could be reasonably thought that the same aggressor is coming after you. I tend to agree that could well be the case, but THEN we are talking about normal standards for the protection of a human. Let's take that bit out of the equation.

Let us say you are 200 yards away from your dog with a rifle. You see some guy club your dog. Will you draw down and shoot the guy?

Same scenario and the guy is clubbing your child. What then.
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