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Herb Fredricksen
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Husqvarna M1907 hammer parts

I transferred a very nice 1907 to a C&R friend in Oregon. The hammer was
jammed, and when he took it apart he found a a broken "roller" on the hammer
and that would not allow the sear to disengage from the hammer. I assume he
needs only the roller but he may need a hammer, too. Any idea where he can
get those parts?

I assume the Husqvarna 1907 has the same specs and uses the same parts as
the Browning 1903 it is licensed from but I need someone knowledgeable to
confirm that. Numrich lists the Browning parts, subject to availability

For reference, pages 36/37 of the NRA Firearms Assembly book shows the four
part assembly to consist of hammer, spring, roll and roll pin.

Thanks, Herb Fredricksen
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