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I commandeered an old cookie sheet from the wife several years ago. Spread your brass out on the sheet, give them a couple of squirts of Dillon (yes, I actually use some blue products) Case Lube, shake the sheet around to distribute the lube and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

Usually I do this first, then prime my feed tubes or put the dies in the press, etc. Load away after that.

I used to toss everything into a tumbler for a few minutes to get the excess lube off, but I've gotten to where I give the pile of loaded rounds a squirt or two of non CFC brake parts cleaner, wrap them up in a towel and shake them up for about 30 seconds. Let everything dry off and you have clean shiny rounds devoid of any excess lube, dirt, grit, etc. Works like a champ.
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