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Here's a recipe I use for homemade case lube.
I load .223 and .22-250 using steel die sets and never had any issues.
I dump 50 or so cases into a shoe box and spray them while shaking the box. Let dry for 15 minutes or so. It's cheap and works great.

Home Made Case Lube

Step One -Gather contents -
Liquid Lanolin (100% pure was $7.00 at the local health food store)
Isopropyl Alcohol (at minimum 91% $1.19 at the local drug store - 99% is best couldn't find it)
If you go to an Auto Store ISO HEET is 99% Isopropyl
New or Clean spray bottle (from the "Dollar" store) has ratio markings and ounce markings so it helps

Step Two
Warm the Lanolin in warm tap water (110 to 120 degrees F - NO OPEN FLAMES!)
Do the same for the IPA, this will help in the mixing process.

Step Three
Pour 2 (two) ounces of the warmed Lanolin into the spray bottle

Step Four
Pour 16 (sixteen) ounces of the warmed IPA into the spray bottle giving you an 1:8 ratio
This seem to be the ratio that best mimics Dillon Spray Lube (add more IPA if you feel it is too thick in your dies)

Step Five
Shake until contents becomes homogonized and label the bottle accordingly (so you don't confuse it with CLP or something)

Then proceed to lube cases as needed. I left some room in case I needed to adjust the ratio depending on the dies and how finiky they may be. This Ratio seems to work fine for me.
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