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We all know, or should know, that Alan Gura has a busy month ahead of him. Enough so that he has requested a 2 week extension to file his response brief in Woollard.

07/05/2012 50 MOTION by Appellees Second Amendment Foundation, inc. and Raymond Woollard to extend filing time for response brief until 07/30/2012, reply until 08/22/2012. Date and method of service: 07/05/2012 ecf. [998888474] [12-1437] Alan Gura

07/05/2012 51 ORDER filed [998888873] granting Motion to extend filing time 14 days [50], updating/ resuming briefing order deadlines. Response brief due 07/30/2012. Copies to all parties.Mailed to: Erin Murphy. [12-1437] (DL)

07/05/2012 52 DOCKETING FORMS FOLLOW-UP NOTICE ISSUED to Erin Murphy for Amicus Supporting Appellant Legal Historians, Dwight William Stone, II for Amicus Supporting Appellant Legal Historians and Mr. Andrew Clayton White for Amicus Supporting Appellant Legal Historians re: filing of appearance form (Loc.R. 46(g)). Appearance form due on 07/10/2012 from Erin Murphy, Dwight William Stone II and Andrew Clayton White. Mailed to: Erin Murphy. [12-1437] (DL)
This was almost immediately granted by the court (doc #51).

Additionally, attorneys for appellant amicus Legal Historians have filed forms to appear at the orals (doc #52).

So the current timeline is:
Plaintiff Response Brief: 7/30/2012
Optional, Amici for Appelles: 8/6/2012
MD Reply Brief: 8/22/2012
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