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Originally Posted by Spats McGee
Thanks, AB. I didn't know about those reports, either, and they look like a good read.
You're quite welcome, Counselor. Enjoy the reading, I think it'll be interesting. And I hope these two reports get more play and more publicity, because WE paid for them and there have been (apparently) concerted efforts over the years to make them disappear. We can't allow that to happen.

And we should be grateful that, for once (actually, for twice), our government used our tax dollars to perform a non-partisan task in a non-partisan manner, and both times it seems they did it well. I confess that I have not re-read either for a very long time, but my recollection from when I first encountered them was that they were fairly exhaustively researched and the evidence set forth in both reports is difficult to refute. Taken together, they appear to me to offer a formidable argument in support of the 2nd Amendment as both an individual right, and a right to keep and bear arms essentially without restriction.

Which, of course, happens to be exactly what the 2nd Amendment says. What a coincidence.

I encourage anyone and everyone who sees this thread to both bookmark and download these two reports. As I've said, they have long since disappeared from the respective sites where I first found them. They are currently accessible on the Internet if you know they exist and go looking for them, but it very much seems to me that various entities have been trying hard to keep them from public knowledge. The fact that so few people even on this forum were aware of them suggests that the effort to keep the reports from the light of day has largely been successful.
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