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The government has done the research for us, and it's all available on the internet.

In 2004, then AG Ashcroft commissioned a study on whether the 2nd Amendment secured an individual right to keep and bear arms. His conclusion, supported by exhaustive research, was "Yes."

Twenty years before that, the United States Senate commissioned its own study of the 2nd Amendment, published in February 1982. This report also concluded that the RKBA is and always has been an individual right.

Thus, for the anti-gun crew to continually claim that the Heller and McDonald decisions are the acts of an "activist" court, rewriting and undoing hundreds of years of precedent, is quite simply a flat-out lie.

These two studies can be found on the Internet but there have been multiple attempts to make them disappear. I long ago downloaded them onto my hard drive, and it's interesting that where I was able to find them today is NOT where I found them when I first copied them. Since there's no way to know how long they will stay available, I would strongly suggest that each of you who is interested in this (and if you weren't interested you probably wouldn't be reading this thread) download both reports and maintain your own copies. If we all do that, they can never be made to completely disappear.

And be sure to tell other people about them. The Senate report was 30 years ago, AG Ashcroft's report was 8 years ago. How many of you even knew of their existence?
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