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tyler, he was shot twice and the Dr's stabilized him+saved his life.

I don't care how drunk he was(I still think alcohol turns people to plastic more than the crack or whatever - as in saves people in car accidents, etc), I think he probably would've died with a better ammo choice.

as far as center mass...mikenice no one said you can't 'do what you gotta do' in certain life threatening situations. I don't think when you kill the perp with the headshot that your lawyer or commonsense is going to allow you to tell the cops or DA that you shot to kill or aimed for a headshot. Even in military and LE training the instructors tend to refrain from allowing headshots that are on purpose. For one, your odds are less. The center mass has a better opportunity to hit some major organ or something to stop and/or eliminate the threat. now if you trust your accuracy 100%.....
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