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"Spryware? Is that something to help old geezers get around easier?"
See how powerful subliminal messaging can be? I'm no doubt influenced by all those Viagra pop-ups,,err,,ummm,,,well,,you know what I mean

"'Course, if you don't use IE, most of that spyware is non-functional."
Pretty least for the time being. Give em time though. IE is what 99.999% of the customers I deal with in "the real world" use, so I use it at home and at work.

RE: Gibson - I didn't know Gibson and Spinrite were still around! I used to use Spinrite quite a bit back in the old days of MFM and RLL drives. Good stuff. man oh man, talk about a memory flood. I spent many an hour with Drive Manager and Spinrite getting customers back up and running.
*sigh* Oh for simpler times.
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