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Actually, some experts recommend having BOTH, as one will catch some that the other doesn't, and vice versa.

I think good computing practices (like not using Outlook!) and either one will do ya. Norton's update is fully automated, too, but they don't do the email thing. Actuallly, the complaints I've heard centered around not being able to get OFF McAffee's email list. But that was a while ago - perhaps they've corrected that.

Ad-aware from Lavasoft is decent for getting rid of most spryware.
Spryware? Is that something to help old geezers get around easier?

Yeah, Ad-Aware's a good product. 'Course, if you don't use IE, most of that spyware is non-functional.

Hey, I forgot one good site for computer security - absolutely essential for those who have DSL, cable, or any other 'always on' connection, and a good idea even for dial-up users:

Lots of good reading and some very good tools.
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