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It's a hot debate for sure, but make sure if you do shoot it to always use eye protection. The gas handling of a ruptured case or pierced primer isn't great. I shoot a M93 in .300 Savage and had one in .308 that I never shot, I also had a M96 in 6.5X55 that hooligan1 now owns. The .308 closed on a No-Go gauge when I had it checked out by a GS.

My take is if you reload your ammunition and don't try to run your rifle at max velocites you should be good. It isn't what most people like to hear that has a .243, but the .243 is still pretty effective at lower velocites. You might want to consider buying a Timney trigger with safety and run a commercial small ring bolt shroud. That will improve gas handling in case of something going wrong, bit it still won't be as good as a M98.
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