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Glad you see the light.

Taurus. Ha. What a joke. Yea, they spend alot of advertizing bucks to the gun rags. Big deal. Taurus still equals FUBAR, and American consumers still fall for the sham.

I said it befor, Colt and Smith had the bugs worked out of the .45acp revolver concept back in World War One. For 80 plus years Americans figured it out. And still Taurus can't equal early 1900 hundreds technology. Bums.

At a large gun show I recently saw a S&W .45acp revolver from the 1930s or 1940's. 5'' civilian version. The dealer wanted 7 or 8 hundred. I thought that was alittle steep. Later I thought about it. I know a G-Smith who has been fixing smiths longer than I've been alive. He could put this 70 year old gun back to its functional specs in no time.

In the worst case I'd have a grand into this gun that will reliably shoot thousands of standard hard ball. And after I'm done the gun would still be worth the orginal price.
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